Recent Publications

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Ludwig U, Eisenbeiss A-K, Scheifele C, Nelson K, Bock M, Hennig J, von Elverfeldt D, Herdt O, Flügge T, Hövener J-B. Dental MRI using wireless intraoral coils. Scientific reports 2016, 6, 23301.

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Hövener J-B, Schwaderlapp N, Lickert T, Duckett SB, Mewis RE, Highton LAR, Kenny SM, Green GGR, Leibfritz D, Korvink JG, Hennig J, von Elverfeldt D. A hyperpolarized equilibrium for magnetic resonance. Nature Communications 2013, 4, 2946.


The focus of our group is to make the hidden powers of magnetic resonance accessible for medical diagnostics and to unlock new areas of application. It is our goal to enable new diagnostic parameters that relate to metabolism, physiology and function. We pursue this goal by developing new sequences, hardware and the hyperpolarization of nuclear spins. Hyperpolarization is an emerging method to increase the power of magnetic resonance (MR) dramatically. Despite the fact that magnetic resonance imaging is very successful, it is very insensitive as well. In fact, all modern MRI scanners use only a few parts per millions of the signal that is theoretically available. Hyperpolarization commences at the very fundamentals of MR by increasing the inherent low polariaztion up to unity. Hyperpolarization has demonstrated to enhance the MR signal 100.000 fold, paving the avenues for entirely new applications of MR. Bridging the gap between spin physics and medical diagnostics, hyperpolarization is a truely interdisciplinary research area with all the benefits and pitfalls which come along. The hyperpolarization group in Freiburg is focused on the development of new hyperpolarization methods and bringing these advances to biomedical application. For more information, visit