Polarization Calculator

This simple calculator is designed to ease the process of calculating polarization in a standardized form based on enhancement over the thermal (Boltzmann) polarization.

Select Nucleus:
13C 15N 1H

Select Temperature:
25ºC 80ºC

Select Magnetic Field Strength:
1T 1.5T 3T 7T 9.4T 11.7T 14T

Wagner - My lab has found that this to be simplest method of accurately determining the polarization using multiple acquisitions of the same sample after acquiring the hyperpolarized signal. Method : The hyperpolarization intensity is acquired. Any remaining signal is removed by multiple additional high angle pulses. A delay time of 5 times tht T1 is used before the Boltzmann intensity acquisition and a repetition delay of at least 5 T1's for signal accumulation.